Located in Spokane, WA I have been an artist since the 1980's and held professional careers prior to opening PureHeart. I have an incredible husband I prayed specifically for and 3 rescue cats. 
I love my customers and strive for best customer service !

My soaps are exquisite, luxurious soaps that are a crystal clear, long-lasting, vegetable glycerin soap.
3-dimensional soap artwork is embedded into the center of each soap. 
The entire bar is a solid soap and consumed smoothly even as you reach the artwork centered in the middle. 
Designed specifically to remain beautiful until fully consumed.

ureHeart soaps are handcrafted as a result of the talent and experience I learned over the years from my parents Darlene Thompson & Art Thompson as well as generous blessings from above. 
  The idea of PureHeart came to me only by the grace of God after prayer to create with colors and flowers
Blessings! -Shari Brown   

   "Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew in me a steadfast spirit."  Psalms 51:10